Ridgeway Church of Christ – History

In The Beginning

In 1950, the congregation meeting at Lick Branch moved to the Ridgeway Community. A new building was constructed for this purpose. On Sunday July 2 the Ridgeway Church of Christ began services with a gospel meeting held by Rue Porter. Several attendees were baptized including Granville and Nova Chaney, Wade and Bertha Foley and Uri and Essie Chaney.

First of all, Albert Dillard began preaching full time at the close of the meeting and continued to preach until October of 1960. Another, Roy Lee Wilson took over the preaching duties until January of 1969. In addition, others who have spoken here are Fred Snow, Johnny Arnold, Bob Good and others. Finally, on October 3, 1982, Bill Arnold became the congregation’s full time preacher and continues to this day.

Continued Growth

The Ridgeway congregation continues to encourage to men who want to preach. Some who preach today have been given an opportunity to advance their talents. Consequently, many men have chosen to preach. Bill Arnold, Johnny Arnold, Chuck Crow, Fred Snow, Delbert Wilson, Milton Wilson, Clay Hendrix, Josh Arnold, David Good, have taken this opportunity.

Teachers have a large part to do with the growth and development of the Lord’s Church here at Ridgeway. We currently have over 40 people from our congregation teaching classes. Each one deserves much more than can ever be repaid.

The congregation appointed elders to serve as leaders in December 2000. Those named were Johnny Matlock, Bill Arnold, Bill Collins, and James Widner. Current deacons are Bill Arnold and James Widner.

In October 2002, four deacons were added to help manage duties that need to be accomplished for special events, building and equipment upkeep. Tom Collins, David Good, Marc Arnold, and Robb Hulsey were our first deacons.

Our deacons recently were Jay Martin, Robb Hulsey, Bill Wilson, Brian Curtis and Tom Collins. Also, in May 2017 we added two deacons and replaced one long time deacon. Hence, our current deacons are Johnny Austin, Bryan Curtis, Allen Everett, Robb Hulsey, Jay Martin and Matt Widner. We appreciate those individuals that volunteer to help with the administration of our community. (See Deacon Duties)


In conclusion, the Ridgeway congregation continually strives to grow spiritually, as well as, numerically. Ridgeway financially supports missionary efforts throughout the world. We support Children’s homes and other benevolent work as needs arise.

The original Ridgeway building was built in 1950. Since, it has undergone three remodeling and expansions. Our current auditorium will hold over 300 people. We look forward to the day it is full. With God’s help may it be soon.

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