Church of Bible

Church of Bible

What are you thinking when you think about “church?” Many people think of the church as a building. This idea is faulty; it springs from the belief that there is something holy about the building. There is nothing sacred or holy about a building. Some see the church in the demoninational concept. That is, the “church universal” which encompasses all groups, regardless of their beliefs and practices. The Bible reveals there is but one church. (There is ONE BODY, Ephesians 4:4, which is the church. Colossians 1:18.) 

Church of Bible – Composed of Christians

The Church of Bible is not a building, but rather is composed of Christians. The concept of going to church is false, the church goes to “worship God,” in a building, at least that is what we do here. Many groups of Christians have no building gather in. They gather where ever they can.

However, if we ever fully grasp the Biblical concept of the church and our individual responsibilities within the church, we will understand that in order for the church to accomplish what God intends, we will have to get out of the building. Just what will happen of the church gets out of the building? 

Church of Bible – Lives will Change

If the church ever gets out of the building, lives will be changed. We will see and fulfill our responsibilities to assist the needy. (Galatians 6:10) We will make a difference in our own lives by such actions. Getting out of the “building,” is what the apostles did, they went into all the world and preached the Gospel as our Lord commanded. Matthew 28:19, 29. Also a look at Philip in Acts 8:5-13 and Acts 8:35-39, as you see, Philip went down to Samaria and also down to Gaza. That is what will happen of we “get out of the building.”

Church of Bible- Truth will be Taught

If the church gets out of the building, truth will be taught. Spreading the gospel is the responsibility of each of us. Remember, Jesus said, “GO.” “TEACH.” May the Lord hasten the day when we fully realize, appreciate, and put into practice this knowledge.

Church of Bible – Souls wil be Saved

If the church ever gets out of the building, souls will be saved.  Such will be the result of teaching “the power of God unto salvation” -the gospel of Christ.  Romans 1:16.  Not everyone will accept and obey it.  Matthew 7:13,14.  But, some will.  And some indeed willingly. Matthew 9:37.  However, the majority of them will never be found as long as “the church stays in the building.”  SO, CHURCH: GET OUT OF THE BUILDING AND GET BUSY AND TEACH.

In Christian Love,
Bill Arnold, Minister

Ridgeway Church of Christ
Harrison, Arkansas

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