No Substitute for God

No Substitute for God – Written by Bobby Dockery

People today are trying all sorts of ineffectual and destructive substitutes for God: Astrology, philosophy, paganism, alcohol, drugs science, money pleasure, etc. But whenever people turn away from God, life turns to chaos. Families disintegrate, the social order collapse, and people make a mess of their lives! THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR GOD.

No Substitute for God – Basis for Decency and Morality

First of all, without God there is no basis for decency and morality. If God is not there, then, as Tolstoy observed in The Brothers Kharamazov, “all things are permitted!” When Hitler decides to burn 6 million Jews or terrorist blow up a school, how can we say it is wrong if God has not spoken? So, if we no longer believe God created man then we are forced to say there is nothing sacred about murder, rape, assault or any other crime!

No Substitute for God – Meaning of Life/Existence

In addition, without God there is no meaning in life or reason for existence. Man becomes, as one eminent evolutionist expressed it, merely a biological accident created by nature without purpose to be obliterated without regret.

No Substitute for God – Explanation of the Universe

Without God we are left without an explanation for the universe. How can anyone contemplate the eye of a horsefly…the mechanics of human finger movement…the incredible complexity of the nucleus of a cell or the vast order of the universe and say it all happened by sheer, bumbling, unguided chance. Such a person believes in a miracle far more astounding than any in the Bible.

No Substitute for God – Hope

Therefore, without God we are without hope and are of all men most miserable. David Klein notes, “In freeing himself of the terror of hell, gave up the hope of heaven: you live, you die, that’s the end of it…”

God is “the God of all hope.” Romans 15:13. So, without Him there is no hope in the world. Ephesians 5:12 Belief in God is the only thing that can keep us from ultimate despair. God’s grace keeps us from despairing of ourselves and God’s providence keeps us from despairing about our world.

Nothing else can replace God. Nobody else can fill His shoes. For life to have meaning, God Must be at the center. Matthew 6:33. There is NO SUBSTITUTE FOR GOD!

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In Christian Love,
Bill Arnold, Minister
Ridgeway Church of Christ
Harrison, Arkansas

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