Saved-Becoming a Christian

Decision Determines your Personal Eternity

Saved? Due to the many important questions in a person’s life, life is confusing. Therefore questions about schools, careers, treatment for illness and retirement are important. As a result many other similar questions are often contemplated, researched, prayed over and carefully considered.

However, the most important question of any person’s life is “WHAT MUST I DO TO BE SAVED”? This is a question that every person has to deal with. Therefore, this question deserves more research, more contemplation, more care than all other combined. This one question will impact each person’s soul for eternity.

Gods’ Instructions

While God wrote down the instructions about how to be saved to help each one get it right. Seems like the unfortunate thing is man in his own desires, thoughts and beliefs want to “improve” on God’s instructions. Also, some have said that babies should be baptized that they might be saved. Furthermore others have said that God will save all people and none will be lost. Some have come up with a “sinners prayer” whereby salvation is said to be had.

But these are NOT TAUGHT in God’s Instruction manual for salvation.


This question was asked by Saul when Jesus appeared to him on the road to Damascus. Saul asked the Lord, “What will you have me to do?” Jesus said, Arise, and go into the city, and “it shall be told what you must do”. Saul did not eat or drink for three days and nights, he was in repentance, and he prayed, did any of these things save him? NO! What was Saul to do? What Jesus said to do! “He that believes and is baptized shall be saved.” Why be baptized? What is Baptism for? NOTE what was said to Saul, Arise and be baptized, and wash away your sins, calling on the name of the Lord.

So now we have the answer to the question, What must I do to be saved.” Jesus told Saul to go into the city and it will be told to you “What you must do.” This answer was given by Jesus himself. Saul was baptized and his sins were washed away (saved). Acts 22:16. This is the right answer, believe it, obey it.

To be Saved and become a Christian – YOU MUST DO THESE THINGS

Becoming a Christian, Saved, Born Again, In Christ, or becoming a new creature all talk about salvation.

1) First, You must believe and confess that Jesus is the son of God. John 8:24 Jesus said you must believe that He is the Christ the Son of the living God. Matthew 10:32-33, Acts 8:36-37 further tells us to confess that Jesus is God’s son.

2) Also, Luke 13:3 Jesus said you must repent of your sins.

3) Another, Mark 16:16 Jesus said you must be baptized.

4) Finally, Live faithfully unto death. 1 John 1:2

As a new creature, a Christian, we will live faithfully unto death and then arise to live forever with God. This is the God who loves you, who wants you to be his child. You can become the child of a King!

Won’t you heed His word?


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In Christian Love,
Bill Arnold, Minister
Ridgeway Church of Christ
Harrison Arkansas

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